Waking up early sometimes is not easy

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Actually waking up early is always hard 🙂 this day we woke up around 4am and we still had one hour drive to Reine, we arrive around 6am and we were the first ones on the “scene” We stranded and waited for the sunrise we were there for 3h, at 8am I couldn’t feel my hands, feet, and so on, the cold had taken over but the sun had not showed signs yet, I kept my position and waited until 9am when i finally “gave up” the sunrise was weak and the light I wanted had not shown. In this place many photographers arrived and left while I stayed in there waiting for something to happen, unfortunately that day was not the day, this was the best shot I got that morning (I think) but photography is all about patience and being there and waking up early and being disappointed with the weather but sometimes it pays off.

Reine, lofoten, long exposure, sunrise, hdr
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