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Where do I store my portfolio? Well after trying many services I decided to choose Smugmug.
Smugmug is fast and reliable, it allows you to create and customize your website with many templates that are very easy to use. I currently no longer use any of those templates to myself but I still trust them to store all my portfolio and all the photos on my website are stored in there. You have unlimited storage of images and you can upload the highest quality, you can also right-click protect your images. One thing I like very much about smugmug is the simplicity of setting up your website, you can also sell your work directly on the website and they provide printing services in US and Europe so you don’t have to print them yourself.
Below you can find one of the examples of how my gallery looks like.

smugmug, gallery

I have to say that the customer service at smugmug is very good, every time I needed help because I had a problem or because I didn’t know how to do something they were very responsive and helpful.
If you decide to give smugmug a try please follow this link.
Again this is not a review of the service is more a way of showing what I use, smugmug has been in the market for long enough to have plenty of reviews, So I rather leave you with a brief overview of what I think the best website for my photos at this moment.

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