Sleeklens – Through the Woods Review

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While I usually don't base my photos on presets I often use them to finish or enhance my image in a way or another, after Sleeklens contact me I decided to do a review on their product, I had the chance to try the Through the woods landscape presets. 

Disclaimer: Sleeklens did not pay me to do this review, they offered me the presets (Through the woods) for free in exchange of a honest review, everything I will say in this review is just my personal opinion.

I have to say that I like the way they simply named their presets, it's a good indication what they do and for people with less experience in Lightroom can be very helpful, at 31$ for the package you get a set of brushes and presets for Lightroom or Photoshop, Installation of the presets is easy and you have a lot of information on their website on how to use them. If you are new to Photography having the presets can be a huge help on showing you what you can archive with certain images, a problem many new photographers have is not knowing how they want their final image to look like, with presets like this you can always preview and have a better feel for what you can do.

After browsing some of the presets I have to say that some are quite good others shouldn't be there, for example the section 5 where you add clarity or less contrast it simply useless in my view, it simply uses the slider and doesn't add anything else, you don't need a preset for that.

So I decided to use a photo from Iceland to see what the presets could do for me, the High Dynamic Range was pretty good.

While the image is not finished the preset did a pretty good job.

Another preset I found very interesting was the Autumn colors preset. 

Very interesting result

One more thing to notice is that not all presets use the Lens Correction which I find strange and annoying.

Overall the experience was good, like all presets in the market not every preset works with every photo and that is fine, while it can put you in a good place for an end image I would always tweak the preset to my liking after applying it.

Skeelens as a company provides a lot of presets please check them out here and if you are also looking for a professional photo editing service they also provide it, please check it out here I have not used this service before.

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