Northern Lights

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So here it is, after so many years waiting, I finally managed to shoot the northern lights.
Getting the northern lights photos was more challenging that I could ever expected, we had to be checking Aurora forecast websites every hour or so, we had to check clouds forecasts and overall weather forecasts, we also had to scout to have a decent background and not only the auroras.
Another challenge that you face when you are seeing the lights for the first time is excitement composition and focusing. The first few minutes you are very excited seeing them for the first time, every shoot you take looks great under the small screen of your camera, a few minutes later you realize that you should check if the photos are in focus, (which they often aren’t) once you manage to nail focus you have to start thinking of composition, because is very dark and there are no lights around you can’t see anything thru the viewfinder so you have to imagine how you will compose the shot and how it will look like, it’s a process but can be a bit overwhelming if you are not an experienced photographer.

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